Coach Selection process (South Grey Minor Hockey)

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It is an important goal for this organization to run a transparent and fair coach selection process. The
following is a guide to the process that our organization follows


1. Each year the organization will determine the dates in which the posting will be placed on the

website and sent to the members of the organization.

a. The posting should be placed a minimum of one month prior to the deadline.

b. The organization will determine if the deadline will be prior to the end of the year or

after. This is an executive decision and is not determined by the coaches and members.

c. It is not the goal of the organization to ensure that coaches are determined prior to

AAA, AA or A tryouts. The decision for players to try out at those levels should not be
determined based on South Grey Minor Hockey’s coach selection.

d. The executive will determine if they would like the current Coach Chair to manage the

coach selection or wait for after the AGM to determine the next Coach Chair. This may
change from year to year. That decision will be made prior to the March meeting.


1. The Coach Chair will act as the Chair of the Coach Selection Committee. This means that the

Coach Chair will assemble the committee, communicate with the committee to create
questions, contact all applicants to develop a schedule of interviews, communicate with the
Secretary to book space and communicate with successful and unsuccessful candidates.

2. The goal is to create a selection committee of either 5 or 7 members plus the Coach Chair. The

Coach Chair does not have an official vote in the selection, unless there is an even number of
members and the vote is tied.

3. Current Executive members will be given the opportunity to volunteer for the Coach Selection

Committee. There are either 3 or 5 spots available for current executive members. If three are
accepted, the committee will consist of 5 members. If five are accepted, the committee will
consist of 7 members. If less than 3, the committee will be filled out by more community
It is an important goal for this organization to run a transparent and fair coach selection process. The
following is a guide to the process that our organization follows

4. At least two spots on the committee will be individuals who are not on the executive and do not
have any involvement in the teams for which we have multiple applicants. It is the goal of the
executive to ensure that one of the positions is filled by an individual who does not have any
children currently playing in the organization. This ensures a completely unbiased vote.

5. All coach selection committee members must have no affiliation to the teams which they are
moderating for. We will accept more individuals and allow some members to be part of the
selection of some teams but omit them for the interviews where they have a bias.


1. In the initial posting, the organization will attempt to set the dates for the scheduled interviews.
Where possible, this will not change. If this must change, the Committee will do everything they
can to be accommodating to coach applicant schedules.

2. The Coach Chair will make contact with each of the applicants and schedule them within the
scheduled times.

3. If a coach is unable to make themselves available for any of the times offered, they will be
omitted from the process, unless there are extenuating circumstances (ie. Medical).

4. Once interviews are scheduled, all parties should do everything possible to ensure that the
schedule does not change.


1. In the interviews, members will take turns asking questions that had been pre-determined. The
questions set are asked to every candidate. At the end of the interview, members have the
opportunity to ask an extension question if they need further clarification of one of the previous

2. Each candidate will be given one final opportunity to add anything that they feel is important for
the coach selection committee to know.

3. The Coach Chair will close the interview by giving each candidate an idea of the timelines for
selection and the method for communication.


1. After each interview, the committee will have a conversation about the candidate to determine
those areas of the interview that they would like to discuss further.

2. After all interviews for a specific team are completed, the committee has the opportunity to
debate each candidate and give their opinions.

3. A vote will be conducted on paper, to be tallied by the Coach Chair. Coach Chair will then begin
communicating with each of the candidates.